PTA meeting minutes November 20, 2013

PTA Meeting- November 20 ,2013
The Harvest Dance
Ms. Sandy is pleased with the turnout from the dance. We raised almost $6000 and are trying to raise $20,000 for a new dance floor.
Mr. Artie
1. Apologies that parent teacher conferences are so short. We would like them to be longer but there is a limited amount of time. If you need more time you can call the teacher directly.
2. Common Core- There will be a coach to discuss this new curriculum and there will be a presentation regarding this. Test scores and report cards will change as the standards are higher.
Parents can speak to the parent coordinator with questions and concerns. Your feedback is very important.
3. There is still a possiblility for the middle school expansion. Mr. DeBlasio knows our school and has always supported us.
Denise –
1. Equal Exchange: Our school gets 25% of proceeds.
2. Sheep Station is hosting an adult happy hour. Friday, December 6 from 6-9PM.
3. Barnes and noble December 14. Wrapping and books. There will be musical families from our school who will perform. We are looking for people to wrap books. We raised $1500 last year. We need people to give out vouchers and the school gets a percentage. If we wrap, we get money but we need more volunteers. We have from 9-9 for wrapping there will be sign up spots and please sign up.
4. Winter festival December 18. There is a raffle and baskets.
5. Science Day is January 11. There will be a sign up sheet for volunteers coming up soon. Please let science committee know if you have suggestions.
Lisa Lewis is performing scientific circus.
6. Foley Christmas tree fundraiser. The stand is on 8th avenue and 8st. If you mention Children’s School, they will donate 10%.
7. Annual appeal: Will send requests 3x this year. We have 30% participation so far. Last year we achieved 50% participation.
8.Grow to learn garden grant. Denise Maher submitted the application and we are awaiting an answer as to whether or not it will be funded. We are looking at a space for the garden on Denton and 1st St.
Tom Foley Guest speaker re: Christmas Trees.
Last year we he donated $700. If we can do better we will get more money back. You can have friends and family buy from him and $ will be dontaed.
Mr. Doug –
4th and 5th graders have their own email account. There are 25 laptops. People have asked about internet safety at home. You have to monitor your kids and instruct them about how to navigate the internet world. There is limited access for the younger grades but in upper grades, each have a laptop. The main filter filters out bad language, but not pictures.

Inside the school You Tube is not blocked. The kids cannot receive emails outside of the school community. Computers are being used for a specific assignment under the teacher’s supervision.
The main thing is personal responsibility and if there is inappropriate behavior, the computer is taken away. Most internet problems take place at home. Cyber bullying is not acceptable.
Very important: never give out your password!!! This can lead to big problems.
Never give out personal information on the internet.
Some children have emails and some do not. Keep the computer at home in a common space so parents can monitor them. Make sure the screen is visible to you. You can check your child’s emails, check the trash folder, check the browser history and see which websites they have uses.
Research- Most of the internet recourses is not written for young children. Suggest sites that are age appropriate.

Meeting adjorned 9:30 AM