NOVEMBER 21, 2011

I. Steve’s UFT report
a. The UFT is joining with the NYC Central Labor Council on Thursday, Dec 1 for a March for Jobs and Economic Fairness. March will begin at Herald Square at 4PM and terminate at Union Square. The UFT’s focus will be on full funding for public schools, and no tax break for millionaires. Children’s School families are invited to join staff at this march—just meet us outside of school after dismissal.
b. Steve encourages families to participate in the “Stand for Freedom” coalition, which condemns legislatures that have introduced laws that undermine the right to vote. The coalition co-chairs are the president of the NYS NAACP and the president of SEIU Local 1199 (healthcare workers.) March begins at 11:00am on Saturday, Dec 10 (Human Rights Day) from NYC office of the Koch brothers; rally at 12 noon at the U.N., Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, East 47th Street and 2nd Ave.
c. Although the UFT does not oppose charter schools per se, and in fact represents the teachers in some charters, they condemn the policy of co-location. Petition circulated to protest Eva Moskowitz’s new charter school at High School for Global Studies in District 15.
d. Steve announced that after 10 years as union rep, he is not running for reelection for chapter leader. The Children’s School will have a new chapter leader starting in September 2012.
II. Artie’s Principal’s report
a. “Cup of Coffee” for new parents scheduled for this site and ASD site.
b. 12/2 scheduled to be Families as Specialist Partners, a new event for the school to showcase science, multimedia, art, dance and music.
c. Parent Conferences went well.
d. Expansion to 8th grade going forward. What marks this as different than other expansion efforts is that the Office of Portfolio appears to be very committed to making this work and finding us a location.
e. Lease with Archdiocese still in negotiation but we are close to signing a new 20-year lease. Still in question: Church use of classrooms for Sunday school.
III. Roxanna’s PC report
a. 12/8 is “Second cup of Coffee”. A roundtable with Mr. Artie for parents at the ASD site.
b. There will be a similar type event in Jan at the main site.
c. 1/11 is picture re-take day. This is for previously absent students, re-taking your portrait and also for sibling pictures. Note: sibling must be a matriculated student at PS372.
d. 11/30 from drop-off to 10:30 is the middle school parent information session in which current sixth grade families discuss commutes, homework, and transitions with fifth grade families. The Senior Room.
IV. Alison’s PTA report
a. Equal Exchange sale beginning. Forms due Dec. 7.
b. New initiative: if you are planning to buy a Christmas tree, you can do so through a particular vendor who will then donate $10 back to the school. Information coming soon in backpacks.
c. Capital Improvements the PTA is looking into funding: improving bathrooms; creating a science room from the former OT room in the gym; improving sound quality in science rooms.
i. Also suggested: getting a kilm, putting an awning on Denton for strollers, re-wiring the stage.
V. Ms. Sandi’s Arts Curriculum overview.
a. For copy of presentation please email Ms. Sandi:

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