Mr. Artie welcomes back families and children after Hurricane Sandy. He reports there are still folks that need help. Mentioned the importance of classroom routines.

Parent Teacher Conference, Wed, November 14, 2012. There will be a 1/2 day for students.

Report cards will be distributed on Tues, November 14, 2012.
Our school follows common core learning standards.

Tough Text Tuesdays is every Tuesday from 8:30 to 9:05. In this program, children are engaged with more challenging reading selections. This is posted on inclusions.

The final stamp of approval for Children’s School expansion will be in the near future. There is a space at Math and Science which was offered to us. Mr. Artie is not sure how the hurricane will effect this.

There will be a new speech therapist beginning on 11/19/12. By Thanksgiving, related services should be in order.

The book fair closes today at 11:30.

The annual appeal letter that was sent out will help the PTA raise funds for our school. The suggested donation is $100 per child per year.

Shopping on Amazon can earn free money for our school. Go through to access this.

Equal exchange due date is November 20, 2012.

Barnes and Noble fundraiser is December 8. It will be run by Hillary Bromberg.

The Winter Festival is December 19, 2012.

Pizza Friday resumes today and will extend a week because of the missed week during Hurricane Sandy.

Rachel Milinowitzer, M.Ed, psychologist speaks regarding anger and anxiety.

She believes we can’t help our children until we help ourselves.
Anxiety can be an emotional virus that doesn’t respond to reason.
She recommends the book, The Art of Race Car Driving.
The author writes about how one’s energy can push you in wrong directions.

Tools for beating anxiety:

1) Quiet the anxiety voice down
2) Breathe
3) Children who can’t focus should move. They need physical activity to decompress.
4) Talk to others who can help- maybe they have a coping mechanism.
5) Take care of yourself. Go back to regular routines.
6) Tell the story to heal because you are then the storyteller instead of being part of the story.It allows separation from trauma.
7) Limit exposure to visual images
8) Empowerment-lend a hand to help someone when you feel helpless.
9) Reach out to get help-it is a sign of strength to recognize you need it.

PTA meeting adjourned 9:30 AM

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