Roots and Community Celebration

A wonderful time was had by our community at this year’s Roots and Community. The gym was filled with food, activities and music all of which helped strengthen the Children’s School ethic of respect and kindness through the celebration and inclusion of every person, identity and culture. This year we had 21 tables representing different parts of the world: Jewish Heritage, LGBT, Ireland, Pacific NW, UK, Scotland, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Haiti, Cuba, Bangladesh, China, Japan, France, Mexico, Turkey, St. Lucia, and Italy.

A HUGE thank you goes out to:

  • The event organizers, Adam Strum and Rafael Gomez Luna, and Yvette Agas-Bautz and Tatum Strum for their help
  • The hosts of the 19 cultural tables, who brought food, games, traditional clothing, decorations, and books to create amazing and educational tables
  • The incredible musicians: Jeff Winter and Adam Strum, Madeline and the Family Band, Ritmosis
  • All of the staff members and parents who helped with the many, many tasks leading up to the day and during the event