Save the Date 9/15 @ 7 PM

Save the Date: “The Song of Job 9:11”
When: September 15 at 7 PM
Where: The Children’s School (Gymnasium)
Admission: FREE
Entrance: Recreation Center at 1st Street between 3rd &
4th Aves.

Danny Ashkenasi has been a teaching artist at The Children’s School for the past 12 years. He has co-written, produced, scored and accompanied countless operas with our students.

Mr. Ashkenasi composed “The Song of Job 9:11” in the immediate aftermath of 9/11/2001, combining source text from the Old Testament Book of Job and contemporary news and eyewitness accounts with an intricate score fusing popular and classical idioms. It has been performed a dozen times in concert. “The Song of Job 9:11” offers an eloquent and comforting way for the public to come together in shared remembrance during the upcoming 10th Anniversary. The Children’s School will host the only Brooklyn performance of “The Song of Job 9:11” this September. The concert will feature 15 singers and 3 musicians and is 60 minutes long.  While it’s title references the Bible, it is not a religious work.

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