SLT Meeting Minutes, Sept. 2023

School Leadership Meeting held Sept. 28, 2023 (Virtual) 6:52PM-7:37PM

Present: Rosa Amato, Sharon Barone, Brie Ashley, Marilu Coriano, Raquel Cunha, Cherise Gibbs, Tiffany Green, Stephen Grocer, Katherine Hedge, Michael O’Neill

Guests: Frank Ammirata, Josh Baez, Shari Zisman

Switched from Google Meet to Teams due to access issue through DOE generated Google Meet

Introductions of SLT Participants: APs are guests. 

Description of sub-Committees:

• CEP (Math and Science Committee which morphed into CEP)

• Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee (Shari Zisman shared information about the committee) 

• SEL Committee

• Adelphi Street Parent Committee 

Rosa answered questions about the history of the subcommittees. 

Approved current committees to run again. Poll about which subcommittees one would like to join. 

CEP: Stephen, Brie, Raquel, Tiffany

Diversity: Raquel, Katherine, Tiffany, Katie, Shari Zisman (guest)

SEL Committee: Michael, Sharon, Brie, Tiffany

Adelphi: Cherise, Katherine, Tiffany

Please create meeting for your committees, take notes, meet monthly and send your notes to the co-chairs one week before the next meeting. 

Shari Zisman spoke about the history of the DEI committee. Rosa reminded the committee that many families are in need and that we should not make assumptions about needs.

Meeting Dates: 6:45pm All agreed to Thursday meetings.  

  • 10/19/23
  • 11/16/23
  • 12/14/23
  • 1/18/24
  • 2/15/24
  • 3/21/24
  • 4/18/24
  • 5/16/24
  • 6/20/24