SLT Meeting Minutes, Dec. 2021

The Children’s School 

Minutes –December 1, 2021 

Meeting called to order @ 6:45pm 


● Minutes from November meeting approved 

New Business 

● Sarah Allen (1st grade teacher) joined as a guest to talk about air circulation in classrooms along with Melanie 

○ Schools w/ no mechanical ventilation need to be really on top of air purifiers

○ DOE distributed air purifiers that are not efficient 

○ Purifier cubes would be really helpful in the main building at Carroll St 

○ 1% positive rate at main site…very low 

○ Cubes are cost efficient (no more than $175 each) and much quieter than the Intellipure filters we currently use 

○ Challenges: getting people to assemble them and gathering materials quickly

○ Each cube can be used for 9-12 months before the filter needs changing 

○ PTA can look into fundraising ($2,000-$3,000 estimated cost) 

○ Sarah willing to try it out in her classroom 

○ Anyone interested in working on this project can get in touch with Melanie

● Another parent member is needed for SLT (Tracey Ann had to drop out) 

○ Next PTA meeting will announce open spot and ask for a volunteer (January) 

Subcommittee Reports 

● Diversity: met 11/30 

○ Reviewed past work of committee 

○ Focus points: 

■ 1 School 1 Book 

■ Roots & Community in-person (Spring) 

■ Diversifying classroom libraries 

● Inclusion Advisory: 

○ Discussed Inclusive Schools Week (12/6-12/10) 

○ Inclusion Summit

■ Student Advisory Committee working with 2 teachers (Emily and Tiffany) to contribute 

■ 4th and 5th graders will be attending the summit virtually 

● CEP 

○ Met 11/29 

○ Reviewed Theory of Action document 

○ 2nd & 3rd graders receiving math intervention 

○ Susan Tierney providing reading intervention 

○ Jackie and Doug focusing on bringing coding into classroom 

● SEC 

○ Met 11/17 

○ Students overall happy to be back in school 

○ Using DESSA data to inform initiatives 

○ Survey to teachers to help identify needs of students 

○ Possibly inviting more parents to join SEC 

Principal’s Report 

● Thanks to Bridget and Barbara for spearheading SER services 

● SER program begins 12/6 

● Hoping to get busing in 6 weeks so kids who need to take the bus home can join program ● Attendance for kids who were in quarantine can now be marked present as long as they participated in asynchronous work 

● 5th grade team and admin looking to move forward with in-person graduation ceremony in June 

PTA Report 

● Lice Check coming up in December 

● After School expanding to include Enrichment in January 

● Annual appeal launching soon 

Next meeting: 1/5