The Children’s School 


Minutes October 2021 

Meeting called to order @ 6:45pm 


● Minutes from September meeting approved 

New Business 

● New members: Jenine Joslin, Melanie Goldberg, Luisa Paningbatan 

● 2 new teachers members needed for SLT 

● Reviewed members of subcommittees 

● Teachers who join SLT will be added to committees 

Principal’s Report 

● Staffing shortage 

○ Went from 3.5 counselors to 1 counselor with no replacement yet 

○ 21 staff members on leave because of vaccine mandate 

○ Some main site staff has been sent to ASD to cover for missing staff 

○ 7 people on leave at main site 

○ Main site is stable, ASD is bigger issue 

○ Concerns around kids being confused about teacher changes 

○ Impossible to find subs 

○ Busing has been a very serious issue 

○ Boiler room destroyed during Hurricane Ida; new boiler being installed; temporary boiler will be in place for 3 months 

PTA Report 

● Lice Day postponed 

● 10/15: outdoor movie night in Big Yard 


● AM/PM AIS will begin soon 

● Guided reading and LLI will begin ASAP 

● Running Records data will be entered by 11/5 

Interviews for new AP will be on 10/6/21 

Next meeting: 11/3

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