SLT Meeting Minutes, Dec. 2022

December 7, 2022 SLT Meeting Minutes


  1. Approval of minutes from the November SLT Meeting
  2. PTA Report
  3. Secretary Duties for January meeting
  4. Principal’s Report
    1. Plans for outside visitors
  5. Subcommittee Reports
    1. DE&I
    2. CEP/Math and Science
    3. Social Emotional


-many sick members

-reviewed November minutes, no further comment, minutes approved

PTA Report (given by Raquel C)

-annual appeal is sightly under halfway to goal $13,500 to goal of $30,000

Secretary Duties

-Emily is taking minutes today Dec 7

-Kathleen will take notes in January 

Principal’s Report (given by Bridget Nash)

-New policy around food in classrooms after COVID and in consideration of allergies; may be disappointing but is necessary given the severity of allergies

-Want to have large scale events which are enjoyable but to be non-food related

-Ellen raised the question of outside visitors into the school after Parents as Partners decision

-Bridget noted that specialists worked very hard to get activities ready but it was related to high numbers of absences

-This will be the approach going forward: looking at data of absences and COVID cases to determine whether each event can take place

-Winterfest is coming up and will be split by grade bands PK-2 and 3-5

-Cannot regulate masks at school events, per DOE policy

-COVID cases are averaging 1-2 cases per day compared to approx 45 per day last December

-Looking at other ways to engage parents and accepting comments/questions from other SLT members

-Complex situation – wouldn’t want kids to be disappointed if it’s not in person but for other people who are higher risk it can be exclusionary

-Deadline for Winterfest decision so families can prepare/frontload with students

-Talk to kids about possibility of remote performances with live stream, kids will likely get to perform regardless of audience participation

-Winterfest remote option regardless of in-person allowed or not – need to use a DOE account to allow unlimited number of people

-Would be disappointing if parents kept kids home because of crowds of people and is also concerned about having large numbers of people even with grades split

-Kathy suggested make it an at-home sing along to increase participation

-Cherise mentioned that classes at Adelphi were planning to attend and wanted to ensure that virtual participation would be allowed for all classes

-Seeking Teacher Appreciation and Paraprofessional Appreciation Week ideas

-SEL and Attendance committee – latenesses over 30 students late on Monday

-Luisa wondering if it is a pattern of latenesses with the same students/classes/grades and if we can do targeted interventions

-Attendance team targets specific children 

-Luisa will send resources from Attendance Works website which includes multilingual supports

-2 more weeks until winter break and wishing everyone a happy holidays!

Subcommittee Meetings


-New Family Buddies for PreK, K, and new families and Adelphi & upper grades

-Inclusion Advisory connection

-Laminated banner to highlight school diversity

-One Book, One School happening on Dec 14 for Inclusive Schools Week; Frank mentioned that the focus book is A Friend Like You and lesson about playing together, respecting diversity, and would like to translate and read a page or two in other languages

-Frank also mentioned that a parent workshop about inclusion will be next week

-Raquel suggested checking with Stomping Ground to donate photos they took on picture day

CEP/Math and Science

-Literacy curriculum review ongoing

-CEP focused on goals


-Kindness Week coming up in February; SEL committee will provide lessons

-Kindness Tree on every floor and in cafeteria; bare tree and every season fill with different seasonal images of all the kindness that people show each other (i.e. give snowflakes to every adult and when children show kindness to each other they get a snowflake that goes on the trees and children can see trees fill up)

-Sensory event at Carroll St that is more inclusive of Adelphi St families

-Fire drill supports

-Autism Month in April and can highlight activities and books for Autism Awareness; kids wear blue on April 2 and Carroll St kids come to Adelphi St

Closing Items

-Stay healthy and happy holidays