SLT meeting
December 22, 2010 7:30-8:15 AM
Room 303 (thank you Sophie Ina and Rosa!)

Members: Arthur Mattia, Steve Quester, Mary Beth Crosby Carroll, Sophie Goodings, Gillian Williams, Unyque Rencher, Adrienne Urbanski, Felicia Eve, Ira Yankwitt
Guests: Rosa Amato, Cathy Sarno

1.Ira opened the meeting at 7:30AM

2. A copy of last month’s minutes are being located

3. School brochure has been updated by Roxanna Velandria. and Mr. Artie shared it with the team.

4. The CEP (Comprehensive Educational Plan) was sent back to Mr. Artie with suggestions that the SLT revisit specific areas. The most significant change that Steven Weinrich, Director of Accountability District 75, wanted was for the SLT to remove goal #4. This is the goal to increase enrollment from Red Hook and Sunset Park. The reason given for changing the goal is that it wasn’t written as a SMART goal and that it is should not be a CEP goal, but rather an SLT goal. The SLT discussed this issue and voted unanimously to keep the goal and write a letter to go along with the CEP explaining that diversity is part of our mission and supports a well-rounded education. The Diversity Committee will draft the letter at their Jan. 10 meeting.

5. Submission of the CEP is due January 9, 2011

6. Mr. Artie reported that Borough President Marty Markowitz has given us a grant to refurbish the little yard and the big yard. The little yard will be getting chess tables and a small basketball hoop along with planters. The large yard will be repaved with hopscotch, baseball and other games painted onto the pavement. New basketball hoops will also be installed. This renovation will take place sometime between April and July.

7. Steve’s UFT report pertained to the Teacher Data Reports. The UFT is waiting for the court’s decision as to whether to release these reports. Although many of the reports have inaccurate information regarding teachers’ roster of students, the court decision will be based on the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), and the court might therefore order that documents be released, regardless of their inaccuracies (or lack of utility).

8. The next meeting of the Diversity Committee will be Monday Evening January 10th

9. The next meeting of the SLT will be Wednesday at 7:30AM on January 13, 2011.

Minutes Submitted by MB Crosby-Carroll

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