SLT Minutes Jan

DRAFT Minutes – 1/12/12

Welcome and Approval of 11/22 and 12/7 Minutes Minutes for 11/22 have been approved but Steve will resend to Annette Minutes for 12/7 need to be approved

In attendance: Danita, Artie, Cathy, Ira, Michael, Janine, Fred, Adrienne, Gillian, Steve, MaryBeth, Erhmei. Absent: Unique, Betsy, and Alison
Principal’s Update
Expansion – Mr. Artie spoke to portfolio yesterday and was told that they do not have a space for September and the expansion will not happen for the 2012-13 school year. There is no space in district 15 but for 2013 they feel confident that there is a space that will be good for our community. Mr. Artie tried to get students to stay for the 6th grade in this building but they recommended against this because if it fell through we would not have space for them in the next year and they would be stuck. We wills still begin to work on the committees to plan for the curriculum in the spring. Steve noted that they are opening charter schools but don’t have space for us is a bit suspect but we will see. We do not know what the outcome is except that the DOE is confident that space will be acquired for a 2013-2014. Mr. Artie will send out a letter to parents to let them know and we are wondering what parents can do to advocate for this directly and action plans for parents. Parents are the greatest advocate for the voice here. Mr. Artie will draw a letter for parents by the end of the week.
CEP – has been approved and no further action is required and does not need any changes. If people want copies please contact Mr. Artie. He can send the goals and the action plans and it will be online soon.
Budget – district 75 funding was cut and Mr. Artie got the majority of the funding back so we are nearly fully funded for the 12-13 budget meaning there are no cuts to services. We need to make sure that we do not over spend as well. He will find out about the district 15 budgets by next month including cuts or differences between projected and actual spending based on students. Rollover monies may or may not be a possibility but because of budget cuts and restrictions will see

Contract with Archdiocese – contract is near completion – senior room is the schools but they will have access and will have access to kitchen when asked. When the church uses out facilities it will be under a global permit. They can use 8 rooms in the building for their CCD program. We need to meet with school safety to get an additional school safety officer for the seniors. There is no smoking by the seniors in the room.
The contractor for the playground is no longer in business so we don’t know if it is a dead deal or the funding is still there and can find another program. This money is outside the DOE.
Social-Emotional Development/Community Building Report The SECB committee is assessing whether it makes sense to be two committees as the community building has gotten lost in the fold as other initiatives such as bullying have taken precedence. We will revisit this at our next meeting. The bullying projects are going well and there is movement. Many initiatives are expected to launch in the coming month. We will figure this out internally about how to move forward at our next meeting. The committee can make the decision.
Steve (UFT) – Steve highlights teacher evaluations that the goal is for teacher improvement and student improvement and that the current standards for teacher ratings are not appropriate for actual ratings and they have agreed with the state but the talks have broken down because people cannot appeal the decisions and the UTF have said that this goes to binding arbitration but the city has disagreed.

There is a PTA meeting this Monday.
Mr. Artie added that he will discuss with Betsy the new recommendations for initatives and the previous efforts to organize these initiatives.
Next Meeting Date: February 8th.