SLT Meeting Minutes, Nov. 2022

November 1, 2022 SLT Meeting Minutes


  1. Approval of minutes from the June and October SLT Meetings
  2. PTA Report
  3. Virtual vs In-Person Meetings
  4. Secretary Duties for December meeting
  5. Discussion on using DOE Supportive Environment Framework – Luisa
  6. Subcommittee Reports
    1. DE&I
    2. CEP/Math and Science
    3. Social Emotional
  7. Principal’s Report


New members:  Cherise Gibbs, parent rep from Adelphi site

New UFT chapter leader:  Michael O’Neil, music teacher, returning chapter leader 4-5 years ago

New Teacher Rep: Sharon Barone, 4th grade teacher 

*Still waiting for June 2022 SLT minutes from Elena.

October minutes approved.

PTA Report

-October was a fun and busy month 

-Bike to school event is next week

-Roots and Community is scheduled on 11/19

-There will also be a 30-for-30 campaign in Nov

-There are lots of events happening every single month

SLT Meetings

-A quorum is needed to be in person for Dec

-The policy may change so we will wait for updates

-Not all parents are vaccinated so that is a barrier for in person meetings at school -Covid cases are still here and some are still uneasy to meet in person

-The decision may need to happen month by month

-Some meetings can remain virtual and some may be in person

-We need to decide logistics such as time of meeting

-We should table it for now, but December may be hybrid

-No one needs to be specifically virtual all the time

-There was no consensus, but before school was ranked as first choice

-Before school meeting could be 7:30 am 

Secretary Duties

-Kathleen C. will do December minutes 

-Emily will do January minutes 

Homework Policy 

-Consider eliminating optional language in the lower grade 

-Is it optional for every grade? In middle school, it is mandatory

-Use of optional or highly encouraged instead

-There’s a lot of catching up due to the pandemic

-It is a lot for parents to support kids who struggle.

-Consider highly encouraged but not graded 

-Homework is modified for kids who struggle and they have time limits

-Homework can be a good way to connect with families 

-School still needs a parent to translate Japanese and Arabic

-There is a parent who can support in Japanese (Emily)

-Konstella can also be used for translation

Tech Policy

-Kids come with cell phones inside school bag

-Apple Watches have a walkie-talkie option

-Airtags such as AngelSense (tag in the clothing is permitted at all times at Adelphi campus.  It has the capability to listen in the classroom.

-This has come up with kids on the spectrum and/or non-verbal 

– This can infringe on the rights of teachers who need to be made aware of these devices 

-There is a DOE track record of losing kids

-NY is a one party consent state where recording is allowed

-The device is helpful especially on ASD site so that families can track kids on the bus  

-The Apple Watch should not be used for communication when in school

-During NY state testing, the Apple Watch or any smart watch is not allowed 

Principal’s Report 

-We should discuss the grading policy next month

-There is a new Chancellor which means there are new initiatives

-This year the focus is on literacy

-372 has a robust literacy work aiming to diversify understanding of what literacy is

-This includes the D75 context, science of reading for all students and core values

-We have diverse ways of communicating to all students 

-Carroll St uses Fundations and running records 

-There are three teachers who are trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach

-This is a multisensory approach, very specific in engaging all senses 

-The school uses the Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory (SANDI)

-One-on one approach is very common in Adelphi

-The school is still figuring out if it will move forward with Teachers College

-There will be parent training/meetings for all of these policies.

–Maybe helpful re: Orton & Fundations:

Subcommittee Meetings

-Committees should share meeting notes prior to SLT meetings

-DEI did not meet

-CEP/Math and Science did not meet but gathered all CEP signature 


  -Met on 11/1/22

-Ideas from what the school has done in the past:  Inclusion Week (Dec), Autism       

Awareness Week, etc.

           -Discussed list of Spirit Days and focusing on events for students 

-There can also be a focus on physical wellness/health (kids can around the block or bring a vegetable to school)

-Environmental wellness can focus on recycling, water consumption, etc. 

-Need to address anxieties regarding lock downs and fire drills from some students; the PTA may be able to provide a box of fidget toys and stress balls  

Closing Items

-The school needs a Spanish speaking parent who can accompany a family to appointments

-Preschool open house is on Friday at 9:30 am on King St.  

-TCS have seats at both sites for migrant families 

-AP Frank is leading wellness activities for teaching staff