Spring Ahead Garden Meeting 3.11.16

Fri 8:30 am in the Cafeteria



The indoor growing season is underway! Join the gardeners to discuss and plan all the exciting March + April goings-on, including:

Seed-starting, direct sowing peas, the self-watering basil planter station at Arts & Science Day 3.19, spring/summer garden map finalization (with strawberries + more new edibles!)

All are welcome. Click here for the agenda.

Interested but can’t attend? Get to know the garden!

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  • Reach core members at garden@ps372pta.org
  • Join meetings. During the busy garden season (April to June; Sept-Oct) we meet briefly most Friday mornings in the garden. Thank you.  -Denise Maher Co-Vice President; Garden, Grants & Green Initiatives

Related: We’re planting basil at Arts & Science Day 3.19, and volunteers are needed at 11:30am and 1:30pm.Sign up here!