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English Muffin Pizza Friday

From Dina Daleo:

Another fabulous Fun Friday cooking show down in class 100a and 100b! With the collaboration of the teachers in 100a, 100b, paraprofessional, and related service staff (speech, and occupational therapy) we were able to create English muffin pizza. Class 100a and 100b hunted in the garden this morning to harvest fresh herbs (thyme, oregano, parsley, and basil) to top our pizzas with. ENGLISH MUFFIN PIZZA was a HUGE hit today!!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Teacher in 100a and 100b      Click here to see what 100a + 100b did with eggplant last week!


Home Care for Basil SIPs

Did You Bring Home A Basil SIP From Science Day? Here’s How to Care for It!Thanks to the students and parents who made sub-irrigated basil planters at Science Day! (And lots of gratitude to the parent and teacher volunteers, to Gotham Greens hydroponic farm–for donating the  basil plant starts in biodegradable volcanic ash material. And…

Planting Basil SIPs: A Science Day Project

Plant Basil At Science Day!On Saturday, 1.24, garden committee members will help  students plant basil seeds in a sub-irrigated planter made from empty plastic water bottles. Step 1: Using a scissor or other cutting utensil, create 1-3 puncture holes in top of the bottle. Step 2: Cut bottle in half. Remove cap. **Science Day Activity…

FAQ: Basil + Pizza Friday


What Does The Garden Have to Do With Pizza Friday? It’s time for Round 2 of Pizza Friday; let’s talk toppings! As soon as the garden committee can grow some basil, we will offer the fresh herb. If you opted out of basil as part of your Pizza Friday order, please consider allowing your child…