Things To Do With Children In The Garden

Garden Activities for Students (from science teacher Sarah Collins)

1. Pick veggies. Rinse them with the hose and taste them right away.

2. Hand-water the planters near the 1st Street exit doors and along the Denton Street side of the garden. Use the rainwater barrels. If those are empty, kids can form a bucket brigade from the hose on 1st Street side.

3. Smell the herbs. Look for signs in the garden that say “smell me.” We have basil, mint, sage, oregano, dill, thyme, and more.

4. Take photos of caterpillars, butterflies and any other insects you see. Keep a class field journal of our garden insects.

5. Dead head. Remove dead flower blossoms so new ones will bloom.

6. Check the rain gauge. Keep a chart in your classroom of how much rain we’ve had this summer.

7. Cool everybody down with a spray from the hose using the “mist” setting.

You will receive emails from the Garden Committee about which veggies are ready to eat. Questions? Email . Thanks.