Turn It Off!

To Clear the AIr

Stop Idling, please!

Turn off your car’s engine near school. Did you know that NYC has a law that states drivers may not permit their vehicles to idle longer than one minute when they are adjacent to a school? Please help us remind parents and other drivers who visit your school to turn off their engines when they are near school buildings. Reducing idling makes the air cleaner for children, especially those travelling to and from schools. For more information

May is Asthma Awareness Month, so now is the time to make an extra effort to remind parents and providers to turn off their engines if they are transporting students to and from school.

Emissions from transportation, primarily cars, buses, and trucks, contribute a significant amount of pollution to our air on a daily basis. Every year motor vehicles contribute approximately 11% of the local PM2.5 and 28% of the nitrogen oxide emissions. The City has been actively finding ways to reduce emissions from motor vehicles including passing and enforcing rules to use cleaner fuels across the city and to reduce unnecessary emissions like idling. For more information, go to the EPA’s idle-free schools or 4 Ways Schools Can Reduce The Asthma Threat from Idling Cars.