Upcycling Was An Integral Part of Arts & Science Day

Green Reality

Congratulations to the community on rethinking our approach to waste management! Thanks to the green team, the PTA and the event committee, spirited volunteers, cooperative guests, and generous donors such as Gotham Greens, Arts & Science Day was a green success: After a solid 4 hours of activity, only one bag of garbage was sent to the landfill. We collected 6 full bags of compostable material, two full bags of containers and two full bags of paper.


While that count does not include kitchen waste, it still represents a huge improvement over past years! Perhaps most importantly, the work of collecting and sorting fit into the day. Ms.Sarah’s activity table was lively and popular, thanks in part to the prizes. Some 100 raffle tickets were distributed, which represents about one hundred “turns” walking around and collecting waste, plus separating and/or digging out old cellphones and accessories at home. A big, fat green thanks to all!