We’re writing to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to share some news for which we are truly grateful.  Our fraud claim with the bank was honored today and the money that was stolen from our PTA accounts has been reimbursed. 

Before we start the long weekend, we want to take a moment for a few thank yous: 

  • Thank you to all the parents who reached out to offer their time and expertise to help us move things along.
  • Thank you to parents and staff members who waited on reimbursements for events and supplies while we assessed the situation.
  • Thank you to parents and guardians who answered our call to give early to the Annual Appeal and who shared with their friends and family. We were touched at the number of families who donated – every single donation helped. 
  • Thank you to our Alumni community who stepped up with donations. Parents of college-age kids donated because they remember what a special place The Children’s School is. 
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