Kindergarten (and 1st grade) parents are encouraged to volunteer to assist the staff during the children’s lunch period Monday through Thursday. Fridays will also be included until Pizza Friday begins. PLEASE sign up to help your kids out with lunch – they love seeing you.

Please look for the parent volunteer K-lunch sign up outside the classroom or sign up online at the following URL:

Time: 10:40-11:40 (kindergarten and first grade lunch period)
Location: Cafeteria (Nancy and Annette are the staff in charge)


  1. Our role is to support the cafeteria staff by assisting ALL of the children (please resist the urge to just stay with your child and his or her class). Please be mindful that the school staff is in charge.
  2. Volunteer duties include helping children hang up coats, sit safely, open packages, get school lunch, clean up when called by cafeteria staff and line up when called by class.
  3. They also really need our help keeping all students in their seats, including your own child!
  4. Do NOT give the children any additional food or drink without first checking with Ms. Annette or Ms. Nancy with regard to food allergies.
  5. Line up is usually when you’ll find straggling lunch boxes and jackets – please try to make sure the kids leave with these items!
  6. It is a school rule that adults are not to accompany children into the bathrooms. This is a rule of safety that must be followed WITHOUT exception.
  7. Also please don’t give children permission to leave the cafeteria to go to the bathroom or nurse – ONLY the cafeteria staff should be doing this. If a child informs you that they need to go to the bathroom or nurse, inform Ms. Annette or Ms. Nancy.
  8. If you find that your child is not okay with letting you be there helping others, then think about just volunteering for the other grade as not to cause any stress for your child.
  9. Please do not bring any younger siblings along while you are helping.
  10. Finally, please resist the urge to follow the children out into the playground!

Good luck, have fun and please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank You,

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