Winter Fest: Why We’re Collecting Compost + Recycling At Refreshments Stand

Good for the Planet, Good for the PTA Pocketbook

Thanks in advance for bringing your own coffee and water cups and for making the extra effort to sort waste. It’s a great way to support our green goal to reduce Winter Fest waste.

With the efforts of the science teachers, the PTA Green Team & Garden committees, we have begun to see how valuable compost is to the school. By sorting and reducing, the PTA becomes eligible for a lot of grant funding. That’s part of the reason why we’re replicating the student cafeteria sorting station at Winter Fest.

When you sort today, you help the environment, you have a hands-on opportunity to participate in your children’s environmental education lessons –and, happily, contribute to a lucrative fundraising effort. Thank you!   —The Green Team Committee 

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