Dear Kindergarten and First Grade Families,

1. Check the temperature outside and inside and talk about the
difference. Notice how temperatures below freezing make
puddles into ice and rain into snow. Notice how you feel
warmer in the direct light of the winter sun than in the
2. Observe changing light patterns. Look for direct sunlight and
shadows. Notice how even thin tree branches make lines of
3. Look for light reflected from windows and shiny objects in the
late afternoon light, notice how this light is usually hazy
and looks different from direct light.
4. Use flashlights and mirrors, reflective jewelry and other shiny
objects to explore the paths of reflected light in a darkened
5. Observe the special smells of holiday foods and notice when
food is changed from liquid to solid, with changes of
temperature, as in making jello and pancakes.
6. Go to and watch videos on space. The videos are under
“multimedia” and then go to the left column, “videos”.
7. Go to and look at those science videos.
8. Notice the night sky, the changing shape of our moon, and the
changing position of Jupiter. Jupiter looks like a large star,
but is a planet, reflecting light from the sun, just like our

Have fun! And have safe travels and joyous holidays~ Ms. Karen

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