Your Garden Needs You!

Variety of plant plugs

Variety of pollinator plant plugs

You are invited to help transition the inclusions garden from the fall to winter season. Join the garden committee meeting tomorrow, Friday, at 8:30a.m. at the raised beds on the corner of Denton Place and 1st Street, as we wind down this season and prep for the next. Over the coming weeks we’ll need volunteers to get dirty with us as we

  • Plant daffodil bulbs
  • Clear the beds
  • Plant garlic and rye for winter cover crops
  • Relocate the large planters in the little yard to Denton Place
  • Harvest basil and oregano once or twice more for 2014 Pizza Fridays
  • Organize a leaf drive to mulch the beds and new pollinator-friendly plant starts
  • Complete grant applications… and more!

Thanks in advance for your help! Interested but can’t make the Friday am meeting? Sign into the google group at  Thanks!  -Denise & the Garden Committee