Many of the staff, students and parents who care for the Inclusions garden at the ICT site change in July. To improve communications within this smaller group (and to connect summer gardeners electronically to the core gardeners who aren’t at school everyday during July and August) we created an additional google group:  It’s an online forum for summer school staff, teachers, parents & admin to chat about harvests, insects, activities and more! While the primary function of the Inclusions garden (Denton + 1st) is educational, community members are welcome to enjoy the garden and share ideas, photos, recipes & tips. Even if your child takes the bus, and you aren’t onsite often, this is a good way to learn about upcoming harvests and request samples!

The new group is just formed; Some people were automatically added to it but the majority of members will need to sign up via  After joining, members can email the group at

Please share this message with any interested community members. I don’t have addresses for many of the summer staffers, especially student teachers. You can also use the link to change your settings or add/swap one of your email addresses for another. (Groups are not mutually exclusive; thank you for your patience while we figure out how to do this without overwhelming inboxes OR leaving anyone out.) Thank you.
-Denise Maher
Vice-President; Garden, Grants & Green Initiatives; PTA of PS 372
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