A huge Thank You from The Wellness Committee to all the staff, parents, children and local businesses that helped make this year’s Wellness Fair a truly wonderful event. We could not have done it without you. 

We had a great Fair on May 11, where it was wonderful to see members of our school community trying out martial arts, bread making, the Alexander Technique, Pilates and drama, as well as some old favorites like yoga, meditation and soccer. And in between sessions many feasted on free delicious healthy treats.  

A Special Thanks to the local restaurants and businesses who gave us their time and donated great produce, delicious foods and resources: Mika Hatsushima of Rice and Miso, Malik, Anas and Iya from Taheni Mediterranean Grill, Nature’s Grill, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Fairway Market

A Huge Shout Out to the wellness professionals and experts who gave their time and shared their skills with us: Margi Douglas and Elizabeth Castagna of the Pilates Garage, Ronna Welsh of Purple Kale Kitchenworks, Brooklyn Brazilian Jui JitzuMonkey Do Yoga, Kids in the Game, Parker Anderson Dance, The Y at the Armory, Nicole Brucato for her yoga, meditation and drama improv, Melissa for her tireless juicing, Naomi Cohen-Thompson with her personalized art therapy, Coach P. (Paula Szuchman), Madeline for wood and wool crafts and singing, and Sarah Adams for her kindness hearts. Also, many thanks to the wonderful parent volunteers who helped run the fair itself.

And of course, Thank You So Much to our council members: Paula Szuchman, Merideth Finn-Beers, Naomi Cohen-Thompson, Madeline Miller, Elizabeth Mangum, Melissa Tabatabai, Gian-Murray Gianino and Scotte Hardin, whose support and encouragement made the whole thing possible.

Additional Thanks to Principal Rosa Amato, Bridget Nash, our fantastic custodian Tony, Yvette Agatz-Bautz, Doug Dugan, Sandi Gonzalez, Kathy Mullen, Beth Huff and Marina Pavlutskay, and the always-amazing P.T.A.

After the event, we learned that an incubating chick egg in the lower science room had been handled and cracked at some point during the day. The wellness committee and the P.T.A. join the Science teachers and Administration in our concern and sadness that this occurred. We didn’t want the mishap to go by without at least using it as a teaching moment. The P.T.A. will be reviewing protocol for how we ensure all school spaces and all school property is respected during school events. However, we want to take this moment to encourage our community members to be more mindful of their individual children during all school events. It takes a village to put on these events, but it takes a kind and respectful village to ensure that everyone and everything remains safe.

We look forward to continuing the work or The Wellness Committee, like bringing more meditation workshops into school in the years to come and are looking forward to the next fair! Thanks again.

Madeline and Sarah (event Co-Chairs) and Merideth (PTA Co-President)

“The wellness fair was way above what I expected. From Jui Jitsu to a fabulous obstacle course, yoga and meditation, the activities were engaging and fun. The food was amazing, and who knew that celery lemonade would taste so good! Hannah had a great time and a great workout ;)”

—Penny (Mom to Hannah, a 5th grader)

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