My Kid Has Lice. Eeeecckkk! Now What?

Lice are an unfortunate byproduct of having lots of little heads in one room together. Lice
do not care whether your school is public or private, whether you live in a mansion or a
studio, and when deciding between a dirty head and one that has just been washed, they will
happily jump into either.

If you discover an egg or your child is scratching we recommend that you seek immediate
treatment or in a week’s time you will have a full-blown case of lice on your hands (and likely
in more than one family member). As per the rules of the NYC Department of Education,
a child found to have live lice cannot attend school. If it is any consolation, many families
at the school have already been through this ordeal and we all understand that it is not a
reflection of personal or household cleanliness. It can and has happened to many of us.

In order to thoroughly rid your child’s head of the lice and nits, the PTA recommends that
you enlist the help of a professional, especially if this is your first experience. Also, it is a
good idea to screen and treat the ENTIRE family at once, as lice is highly contagious. Here
is a list of professional Lice Consultants who can help you:

  • Shayna Brown, 718-851-2844
  • Abigail Rosenfeld, 718-435-2592
  • Adie Horowitz, 718-627-5423
  • Dalya Harel,, 1-718-336-4206

Please note that shampoos do not work on this newer, stronger generation of lice.

Additional tips if your child has been found to have lice or nits:

  • Wash all sheets, pillows, towels, blankets or comforters.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture and rugs.
  • Place hairbrushes, hair bands, barrettes, head bands in a zip lock bag in the freezer for a week.

If professional services are not an option we recommend the following method:

  1. Apply Pantene brand conditioner to dry hair and comb out in one-inch sections using a special metal lice comb (purchased at drugstore), wiping the comb between alcohol-soaked layers of paper towels between swipes.
  2. Rinse conditioner then sprinkle baking soda directly on to scalp, comb again and blow-dry.
  3. Continue to check your child’s head daily, in good light, using a sharpened pencil to separate layers of hair.
  4. Repeat Pantene comb-out every few days for two weeks.

Tips for lice prevention:

  • Keep long hair tied back.
  • Avoid sharing hats or hooded garments.
  • Ask your child to put his or her jacket inside their backpack instead of hanging it on the closet peg.
  • Rosemary, tea tree and lavender oil are all rumored to have repellent properties.
  • Odorless garlic capsules (found in health food stores) can be cut open, squeezed onto palms and applied to hair for the same purpose.

**Please visit the school nurse upon your child’s return to school.**