ASD Site Garden Is Almost Prepped for Planting

Perennials & Supplies Made it To Ft. Greene

IMG_5363Just days after we learned that the ASD site students and staff will be able to use the shared school garden space in Ft. Greene, some garden committee members hustled to get supplies over to Adelphi St. Donna, Denise, Cara and her baby collected some items after drop off Monday morning, swung by Lowes for soil, and drove to MS 113.


We did a little weeding, tilling and amended a small bed for a few pollinator-friendly plants. The asters, joe pye weed, bee balm and juneberry are ready for Ms Kathy + Ms. Kianah’s students to transplant.

We were lucky to get these perennials from John Paul Learn, who was distributing some nice plants from his private nursery at the awesome Permaculture Skill Share event at the Old Stone House this weekend. Thanks John!

Next import needed? Worms from the main site garden! Hopefully we can find some willing worm catchers…


IMG_5352IMG_5353 IMG_5375