Big Timer Trouble!

Important Reminder RE Watering System


IMG_9044IMG_9042The timer for the automated watering system has been interfered with lately, probably accidentally. Bottom line: The plants have been deprived of water and may not survive in the heat. We’re working on appointing someone to monitor the timer at the end of each school day, to ensure that the settings haven’t been touched or changed during the school day. In the meantime, please follow these instructions whenever you visit the garden.

  • To use the hose and water, pull down the vertical lever on the left hand side of the box. After you are finished using the hose, replace the lever.

  • Do not push any buttons or turn any dials on the box.

  • Check the checklist! Before you leave the garden, or after your class/student is safe inside, please confirm the following four points.

1. Is the clock time correct? The digital display on the left should flash the time — and it should show the correct time of day. (If the time of day is incorrect, the watering won’t happen at the proper time and plants could burn from getting watered in the mid-day sun).

2. Is the side lever in place? The lever on the left side of the box should be lifted into place so it is not sticking out. 

3. Is the dial set to AUTO?  The dial should always be on the AUTO setting.

4. Is the water valve on? The blue, horizontal lever (that’s attached to the brick wall) should stick straight out, in the ON position.

If the answer to any of these questions is no, and you cannot resolve the issue, please email  

It is the responsibility of the entire community to keep the student’s plants alive by watering the garden and making sure we don’t allow the irrigation system to be switched off. Thank you for checking and double checking! To sign up to water and harvest on a weekend or during the end of August, pls visit the Sign Up genius here. 





Droopy, dry and sad sunflowers.