Bring Old Cell Phones & Chargers For E-Waste Drive at Arts/Science Day Sat 3.19

Dig Out Those Old Cell Phones!


ISO used mobile phones

For Arts & Science Day, ps 372’s Green Team has partnered with the Lower East Side’s Gowanus Ewaste Warehouse for a mini-Ewaste drive. Students will collect old cell phones and accessories at the school event, and later they will deliver the materials to the President Street warehouse and enjoy a guided tour.

To support these efforts, please bring an old mobile phone or accessory. For each item contributed to the E-Waste Recycling bin, families will receive one raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize.

What You Can Bring

  • Mobile phones (such as Flip phones & Smart phones)
  • phone chargers
  • Charging cables (USB cables, wall plugs that came with phones)
  • Charging plugs (the block things that plug into an outlet, and a USB cable is plugged into the nub

Please Do NOT Bring: Other Ewaste items such as home/office telephones or batteries. For student safety, this is a very limited collection. We cannot accept any items that may be corroded, contain toxic hazards, or require complex sorting.

Why Recycling E-waste Is Important: Electronics contain heavy metals (such as lead and mercury) that release dangerous toxins into the air and water when burned or deposited in landfills improperly. Plus, throwing away valuable metal components, like the copper, gold, silver and palladium in cell phones, leads to needless mining for new metals. And the special PS 372 bonus? Sort your Ewaste at you’ll support a greening effort that will earn the PTA a $300. grant. Happily, the PTA is also earning grant money by recycling and composting at all PTA events held at school. Every time you sort your waste and put it in the appropriate bin, you’re making money for the school. Kaa-Ching!

It’s not too late to volunteer to work at Arts & Science Day 3.19! Click here!

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