Brooklyn Arts for Kids!

A great Performing and Visual Arts Summer Camp for kids ages 7-12.
Two Weeks: July 2 – July 14th
9:00am – 3:30pm
$830 (materials included)

Check out our website with an exciting video from last summer…

Brooklyn Arts for Kids is run by Eric Wallach and Belinda Blum (Ruby Blum Wallach from K-3). Both are teaching artists working with children for over 12 years.

Brooklyn Arts for Kids is about giving the children an exciting experience of both visual and performing arts.  Visual Art projects include some kind of sculpture, painting, printmaking, collage and drawing.  Performing arts is not about memorizing lines and performing a scripted play but more about the process of creating from page to stage.  Eric’s approach is progressive, process-oriented, creative and open, not to mention fun.

Kids spend half the day doing visual arts in an art studio and the other half in Prospect Park doing performing arts.  Also, during the two week camp we take two trips: to an art museum and most likely the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens for observation drawing and painting.  We also visit Belinda’s brother, Jonathan Blum’s storefront/studio on 5th Avenue to learn about and make monoprints.  At the end of camp on Saturday, July 14th, we will have a final art exhibition and show at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (5th Ave) for friends and families.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or more information.
Space is limited so call soon to register.

Belinda Blum