IMG_8712Committee members were thrilled to see some new faces at Tuesday morning’s garden social.

We shared the bounty of the students’ hard work: 10+ sweet pepper seedlings, two dozen herb samples with butter & sage recipe cards, peppermint, and lots and lots of lemonade.


Perhaps most importantly, we signed up several new volunteers to help with summer weekend watering & harvesting. In order for the student plants to survive the end of summer (after summer school ends Aug 15) community members are needed for simple garden care. This includes looking for problems like pests and disease, making sure the irrigation system is working well, and harvesting tomatoes, herbs, eggplant, peppers, ground cherries, and other goodies. To learn more, check out the sign up genius here or come to the garden committee meeting Friday at 825am in the garden on the corner of 1st Street and Denton Place.


IMG_8714.We hope to hold another social during the first few days of school in September! Thanks for keeping up with the garden (and keeping the garden up and running) in one of these ways!

Compostable cups melted in Tuesdays heat.

Compostable cups melted in Tuesdays heat


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