Fall 2023 Bus Info About Potential Strike

UPDATE 2: From Yvette (Sept 5th) As of right now we believe that we will have bus service on the first day of school. Please monitor the DOE website for any updates regarding a possible bus strike.

We have updated the Bus page with the latest information about this year’s routes. Some stops from last year were not included and the school is working with OPT to see if they can be restored. Remember to check Konstella’s “social groups” to join the group for your morning and afternoon routes. Parents can share info about bus no-shows, early or late arrivals. Please join and help fellow TCS’ers out!

UPDATE: Parents to Improve School Transportation is keeping up with the latest news. Check out their resources page.

The DOE sent a letter to families on August 28. The text is below. You can also find the most up-to-date information on the DOE’s Transportation website.

Dear Families:
We are writing to inform you of a possible disruption in yellow bus service this fall. This
may impact your child’s transportation to school if your child uses yellow bus service to
get to school. In the event of a strike, our top priority remains ensuring that every
student, especially our most vulnerable, can continue attending their schools without
This possible strike is due to a labor dispute between bus companies that provide
yellow bus service to our schools and a union that represents bus drivers and
attendants, and could impact as many as half of our bus routes. NYC Public Schools
and the Mayor’s Office are monitoring the situation closely and working with our
partners across the city to support a resolution, with the goal of avoiding the substantial
impact a strike would have on our students and families. However, since such a strike is
a possibility, we want you to be aware and informed. Please review the information
below and continue to visit our website — schools.nyc.gov/transportation — to ensure
that you are aware of the latest developments and resources available.

  • NYC Public Schools Online Resources: Bus service interruption resources for
    families will be available on our website at schools.nyc.gov/transportation. Here
    you will find information on emergency MetroCards, transportation alternatives
    for students and families, attendance procedures for your child, and other
    assistance available until yellow bus service fully resumes. Please visit this page
    frequently as we will be updating it with the latest information.
  • Updates on Social Media: We will also be sharing updates through our social
    media accounts (@NYCSchools on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).
  • Additional information: You can also call our transportation call center at 718-
    392-8855, email us at transportation@schools.nyc.gov, or call 311 at any time for
    information and the latest updates on yellow bus service.
  • Notifications in the Event of a Strike: If a strike does occur and your child will
    be impacted, you will receive an automated call, email, and text message from
    us, as well as a second set of notifications on the first morning of interrupted bus
    service. Notifications will go to the contact information provided to us by your
    school, so it is important to ensure your contact information is up-to-date with
    your school and on your NYC Schools Account (learn more at
    schools.nyc.gov/NYCSA). Once bus service resumes, you will receive automated
    notifications again to inform you of this update.
  • Alternative Transportation in the Event of a Strike: NYC Public Schools is
    actively working to arrange alternative transportation for impacted families. All
    families impacted by the strike will have the option of an emergency MetroCard
    for both the student and a caregiver. In addition, NYC Public Schools will provide
    pre-paid rideshare and offer reimbursement to Students with Disabilities who
    have transportation recommended on an Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    or 504 Accommodation Plan (504); Students in Temporary Housing or Foster
    Care who receive yellow bus service; and Students with an approved
    transportation exception, as defined on our as defined on our exceptions to
    transportation eligibility web page (schools.nyc.gov/transportationexceptions).
    We will provide additional information in the coming days. In the event of a strike,
    your school’s transportation coordinator will work with you to evaluate the needs
    of your child so that your family can make the best possible arrangements for
    transportation to and from school during this service interruption.
    We know how many of our students and families depend on yellow bus service and that
    even the possibility of an interruption in service will create concern and worry, which is
    why we wish to be as transparent as possible with our families. We will continue to
    provide you as much notice and information as possible. All parties are working
    diligently towards a resolution, and it is our hope that these plans will not be necessary.
    We are committed to supporting you and all of our families in all ways possible.
  • Sincerely,
    Emma Vadehra
    Chief Operating Officer
    NYC Public Schools