The first day of school is Thursday, Sept. 7 and the school day starts at 8:10 am. The school day ends at 3 pm with dismissal starting at 2:45 pm.

Class letters were mailed home Aug. 15 and will include school supply lists (which are sometimes purchased by the teachers or can be gathered during the first weeks of school) as well as information about arrival/dismissal Check back here for updates and additional information. The PTA calendar is now available. (Please note that some dates are subject to change and others may be added.)

The majority of school staff won’t be in the building until the week before school, so please be patient with requests. If you have questions about the PTA or general school goings-on, you can reach the PTA at and we’ll do our best to route you in the right direction.

General education bus routes will be posted here as soon as we have them and if your student qualifies for door-to-door bussing, you will get the information through your NYC Schools account. (The school does not control the routes, that’s the Office of Pupil Transportation.)

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