Summer School Information 2023

The program starts on Thursday, July 6, and tuns through Tuesday, August 15. The school day begins at 8am and ends at 2:15pm

Morning Arrivals: Students who do  not take the bus will enter through our big schoolyard located on Whitwell Place (between 1st and Carroll Streets). The gate opens at 8am and closes promptly at 8:10am. If you arrive after 8:10, you must enter through the main entrance on Carroll Street.

The teachers will meet their students in the big yard and will be escorted upstairs to their classroom.

As always, students who take the bus will arrive at our gym and will be met by our staff to escort them into the gym building.

We will offer students breakfast if they choose and there is a cold school lunch offering. Students are welcome to bring a lunch from home.

Afternoon Dismissal: Dismissal is at 2:15pm. The big schoolyard gate will open at 2:15pm. Please arrive on time for pickup. Students who are not picked up by 2:25 will be in the gym for late pick-up (gym is located on 1st Street between Whitwell Place and Denton Place)

Any changes to your child’s dismissal plan, please send a note to their teacher. If the student needs to be picked up early, please pick up before 1:30pm. 

Water Sprinklers: Each class will  participate in water sprinklers which will be done in our big schoolyard. Your child’s teacher will let you know what day that will be. Please make sure that your child has on a swimsuit for the girls and swim trunks for the boys and a towel. All students must have either crocs or water shoes. NO FLIP FLOPS.

The phone number at 512 Carroll Street  (718) 624-5271.