Fall Plantings Are In Progress at the ASD + ICT Sites



In an effort to get some perennial plants established before the first frost, we prepped and planted divisions and seedlings this week at both ps372 locations. Herbs such as lovage, sage, bronze fennel, anise hyssop from Brooklyn Grange farm we prepped for students to plant inside the shared garden space at 300 Adelphi St.



At the ICT site, a couple of common milkweed went into an empty container near the corner honeysuckle.

IMG_5575 2 IMG_5578

Three trumpet honeysuckle seedlings are ready for transplant into the butterfly garden, and compost from Gowanus Canal Conservancy is on the way. IMG_5559Finally, the decals from the department of sanitation arrived, so we’ll be able to collect and put out the weeds, dead leaves and brush with the compost collection.

Meanwhile, the Asters look lovely in their lavender and purple bloom!