Winter Fest’s Zero Waste Dream

The PS372 community leapt closer to sustainability with the recycling effort at the first ever Green Winter Fest. Thanks to the enthusiasm, patience and open-minded attitudes, the leadership of the science teachers, a PTA water bottle ban and committed student rangers, we saw serious achievement.

Real Results   Hundreds attended and performed at the Celebration of Our Diversity, yet we sent just two bags of trash to the landfill. That’s because our sorting efforts diverted recyclables and compost from the landfill. In fact, we salvaged

  • 3 full bags of paper and cardboard
  • 2 compost bins and
  • 2 bags packed full of plastic, metal and cartons.

A Green Winter Fest

On December 18, PS 372’s main site will host a green Winter Festival. While the talented students and clubs are sure to put on a fantastic show, there will be excitement on the sidelines, too.The PTA will sell refreshments like coffee, fruit and hand-crafted baked goods.Instead of water bottles, we’ll serve ice water from coolers. (Bring your own reusable cup for water and coffee!) 

Fall Plantings Are In Progress at the ASD + ICT Sites

  In an effort to get some perennial plants established before the first frost, we prepped and planted divisions and seedlings this week at both ps372 locations. Herbs such as lovage, sage, bronze fennel, anise hyssop from Brooklyn Grange farm we prepped for students to plant inside the shared garden space at 300 Adelphi St.   At the

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