IMG_6584Kudos to community members who took an extra minute to consider where to put their waste! Our sorting efforts diverted more than 10 bags from the landfill!

The greening results, by the numbers:
Total from Blue Bin (plastic/metal/cartons/juice boxes): @ 3 bags
Total from Green Bin (paper/cardboard): @4 bags
Total from Brown Bin (compost/organics): @4 bags
Total from Grey Landfill Bin (trash/non-recyclables): @3-4 bags

This includes the recycling stations set up in the gym near the exit as well as the kitchen station. Some 18+ students collected and sorted other people’s leave behinds to earn a token prize, and we

IMG_6189sold about $111. worth of re-usable PS 372 cups. It was a great event all around, made even sweeter by the fact that so many of the decorations (confetti) were recyclable or reusable. Considering this was a heavily attended event that spanned almost four hours, its really impressive that we sent as much organic material to be re-integrated into the soil system as we sent trash to the landfill/incinerator! Thank you!  –-The Green Team 



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