Introducing Spots The Cheetah

We hope everyone is doing well and wanted to take a moment to spread some cheetah cheer! With the help of the Children’s School Student Council, we were finally able to vote for a name to give our school mascot, The Cheetah. The name, Spots The Cheetah, was selected by students who voted from a list of possibilities. Spots will help support school spirit as well as give a face to our SPOT-on initiative, which encourages all in our community to:

  • Show Kindness
  • Practice Responsibility
  • Offer Help
  • Take Safe Steps 

This video was created to communicate to the community the selection of this name. Spots The Cheetah has already visited with our students during morning meetings to check in with students and spread the Cheetah cheer! Thank you to Cirillo Productions for editing!