Join us at the January PTA meeting…

PTA meeting this Wednesday 1/10/18 
at 8:30 AM in the ICT Cafeteria!

Meeting Agenda includes:

  • Welcome & announcements from Ms. Rosa Amato & Yvette Agas-Bautz
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Voting on new spending initiatives such as A/C for the cafeteria
  • News about upcoming events such as Lice Day, Pizza Friday cycle 2, Arts & Science Day & the 2nd Annual Read-a-thon

Attending the PTA meeting is a great way to stay informed & get involved. Refreshments will be served.

Can’t join us? No worries – Minutes will be posted on

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Nuestra Reunión del PTA es esta miercoles, 1/10 a las 8:30 am

Esto es una gran oportunidad para aprender acerca de lo que está sucediendo en la escuela! La reunión será en la cafetería ICT. Se servirán refrescos.

No puede unirse a nosotros? Minutos serán publicados en

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