Join us tomorrow, April 4, to rally for workers’ (including teachers’) rights!

Dear Children’s School families,

Thank you very much for signing up at the March 25 PTA or March 26 Arts Day for the Children’s School anti-layoff mobilization of 2011.  I’ll do my best to keep you abreast of events as they occur.

This Monday, April 4, marks the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King.  Dr. King was killed while in Memphis supporting public sector workers.  The AFL-CIO has selected April 4, 2011 as the date for a national day of action called We Are One: Respect Our Rights.  Here in New York City, the United Federation of Teachers, under attack from the mayor’s threatened layoffs, will join with our brothers and sisters from private- and public-sector unions in Battery Park at 7PM to stand against the assaults on unions sweeping the country.

Please meet me at 6:40 PM in front of the UFT at 52 Broadway in Manhattan (R to Rector, 4, 5 to Wall Street).  We will march with the UFT down to Battery Park and join the rally there.

For more information, please see

Steve Quester
UFT chapter leader
P.S. 372 The Children’s School