The PTA meeting in March was held on March 24 on Zoom.

PS 372 March General PTA Meeting Minutes

Held March 24, 2022 @ 6:45 via Zoom

37 Participants

School Updates- Ms. Bridget

  1. School Survey!
    1. Survey is very important.  “It is your voice” 
    2. It is a way to help the school improve in areas.
    3. School appreciates your time
  2. Covid Changes
    1. Mayor has announced that pre-K mask mandate will end on April 4th
      1. Families have mixed emotions.  
      2. Important to communicate with teachers based on “family” wishes.  It is not up to the teachers to make that decision but instead to instruct based on family preference
      3. This also applies to upper grades
    2. The DOE screener has changed to state if you have been exposed to Covid that they strongly recommend you wear a mask.  However, wearing is not mandatory.  This is also the same language from the Situation Room
    3. Don’t forget to fill out your screener every day and also read it carefully as the language changes often.  They do seem to be getting more concise.
      1. If your child is not feeling well keep them home.  Even stomach issues should stay home. 
  3. Field Day may be returning!
    1. Mr. C. is working on getting a permit for a smaller field
    2. Transportation is an issue so it may be “one grade at a time” – simply not possible to get all grades on smaller field
    3. School wants to be cautious on rolling back on guidance and returning to new normal
  4. School Lunch
    1. District wants school to resume to “normal” lunch
    2. Some grades have full classes so they are not all in the cafeteria
    3. School is not yet at a place to have 25 kids at a table (currently 10 kids)
    4. Will introduce slowly and safely
  5. Lateness is still an issue 
    1. It disrupts the foundations of reading skills
    2. Morning is critical for student development
  6. State Tests are coming up.  
    1. ELA Dates are 3/29  and Math is after Easter Break
    2. Early June is 4th Grade Science.  It is a two part/two day test.
    3. If you want to opt out contact Ms. Bridget

Parent Updates – Ms. Yvette

  1.  NYC School Survey – Deadline Extended to April 15th
  1. Can fill out the survey on your NYC Schools Account – first time this year
  2. If you have children in 6-12th Grade, they can participate in the survey
  3. Want to hit 100% participation this year

 Lost Items – please claim them.  

  1. Fewer items but still plenty to claim

Dismissal Changes

  1. Please notify school & teachers if there are any changes to dismissal plans
  2. Please pick up by 1 PM.  It is super disruptive to normal processes if it happens after

Spring Break is April 15th – 22nd 

If you have questions, you can email Yvette at

PTA News – Liza Gouger

  1. NYC School Survey – submit by April 15th
    1. 40 questions – doesn’t take very long (agree/disagree) – sample questions: 
      1. My child feels like they belong at this school
      2. I feel well-informed by the communications I receive
      3. Discipline is applied to students fairly 
    2. The school works to create a sense of community
    3. Useful to parents choosing schools (websites like use them).
    4. This helps guide parents who are looking for an elementary school based on real parent feedback.
    5. Staff & Admin use feedback to be responsive to parent needs
  2. Planning beginning for Roots & Community on May 21st – watch for news
    1. Tatum & Adam Strum – lead organizers for the event again this year 
    2. Will reach out if you have been involved before
  3. PS372 visits the Mets – Sat. May 28th @ 4pm – tickets on sale in April
  4. Next PTA meeting – April 28th at 6:45pm


  1.  Readathon was a great success – Thanks to everyone who participated by reading or tracking minutes for our kids
  2. 270 of our students participated from both sites – over 60% participation this year
  3. Five classes hit 100% participation! They will be celebrating with Pizza Parties in the playground in May.
  4. 61 students read over 1,000 minutes 
  5. 13 students read over 2,500 minutes!
  6. Students won a total of 596 badges
  7. Raffle prize winners received $25 gift certificates for Community Bookstore

Outdoor Movie Night

  1. In the school yard, entrance on Whitwell Pl. 
  1. Friday, April 1st – raindate April 8th
  2. Whitwell Gates open at 6:45pm
  3. Movie starts at sunset (around 7:25pm)
  4. Admission Is Free – No tickets or reservations required
  5. Bring blankets or beach chairs to sit on 
  6. People using tall chairs will be asked to take positions in the back of the yard to avoid viewing obstructions
  7. Cash Only for Concessions
  8. Please clean up and exit quickly when the show is over 
  9. We only have yard until 9pm
  10. No pets allowed
  11. Concession sales will support our 5th Grade end-of-year celebrations at both our Adelphi and Carroll Street sites. 

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Fundraisers for PTA
    1. Readathon sponsors have pledged over $20k, topping our fundraising target for this annual event 
    2. Try to shop using our affiliate links for Amazon and other vendors, your purchases help fund our school events
    3. Annual appeal continues.  Consider employer match as well.
  2. Expenses steadily arriving
    1. Mini-grants for classrooms and specialists 
    2. 5th Grade working on Aladdin musical
      1. Scripts, costumes, rehearsals, and sets
    3. Whole school will be able to watch a performance 
  3. Please support our fundraising efforts!

Bike to School Day – Emily Stutts

 Date is May 4th to “ride to school”.  Rain date is May 5th.

Coordinated also with Kathy and Rob Price

Includes those who want to walk or scoot to school

Bike to School Day is a national event

Emily shared a short one-minute video created by 5th grader Greyson Price

It will be a fun time to all come together!  

Upcoming and Thanks!

  1.  Thank you to all the parents who came in and helped count & distribute the badges and prizes for Readathon. 
  2. Thanks to 5th Grade parents for handling concessions at the April 1st Movie Night
  3. Volunteers will be needed on the committee for Roots & Community. 
    1. Prior table hosts will be contacted to see if they wish to return & if anyone wants to host a  new table, let us know at
  4. Auction planning continues – any ideas for donations contact
  5. Thank YOU being part of our great community and supporting our school.  We couldn’t do it without you!  
  6. The next PTA Meeting is scheduled for April 28th, 2022 @ 6:45pm 

00:23:54 251028: Miss Bridget can you share what lunch is currently? I thought everyone was back in cafe?

00:36:04 251028: Shopping programs:

00:37:14 Bridget Nash:

00:38:29 Shelli Rottman: When is the Aladdin musical?

00:39:18 Emily Stutts:

00:40:08 Bridget Nash: The Musical is scheduled for Wednesday May 25th

00:40:50 Brad: Nice work Greyson!

00:41:41 Rob Price: Thank you, Ms. Emily!

00:41:59 Bridget Nash: Thank you Greyson!!!

00:42:10 Bridget Nash: Can’t wait to ride with everyone!

00:42:24 Rob Price: Thank you, Bridget and Brad!

00:43:45 251028: Speaking of “We couldn’t do it without you”….. Liza mentioned having a 5th Grader….. so we will need more members of the Executive Board next year to fill her amazing shoes.

00:43:59 Bridget Nash: Thank you!

00:44:00 Tania’s iPhone: Thank you everyone

00:44:05 Andrea Corbett: Thank you!

00:44:05 Brad: Thank you!

00:44:06 Margarita Arguelles: Thank you

00:44:08 Emily Stutts: Good night!

Meeting Minutes Submitted by Julie Lipton

PTA Recording Secretary

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