New Diversity Initiative

The Children’s School is part of a new diversity initiative announced by Chancellor Carmen Fariña. During the pilot program, schools will give priority to students who qualify for free and reduced lunch (FRL), English Language Learners (ELLs) or students in the child welfare system. Our school is one of the seven elementary schools participating. The changes will be for both pre-K and kindergarten admissions cycles. Here’s what the chancellor and Mr. Artie had to say:
Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña: “Students learn from the diverse experiences and cultures of their fellow students, and it’s important that our schools match the diversity of our City. I’m pleased that by working with principals, superintendents and community members, we were able to create admissions policies that promote diversity and respect the needs of the community. I’m hopeful that these changes will help serve as a model for schools across the City,” said

Mr. Artie: “I am confident that my students and school will benefit as we move towards better reflecting the diversity of our neighborhood and City. We will work with the DOE and the school community to ensure that our new admissions policy is implemented thoughtfully and engages all stakeholders.”


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