Veggies from the Garden: New Resource for Class Snack

Parents are welcome to harvest ingredients from the school garden for class snack



Attention class parent and snack volunteers!  Please note that the 372Garden veggies are available to harvest for class snack. From now until about mid-October, there should be some ripe eggplant. Starting in mid-October there will be baby kale and arugula. Help yourself!

How To Use the Harvest For Snack Two class parents have successfully made and served an eggplant salsa with tortilla chips. Find the recipe here; eggplants are located in raised beds on the corner of Denton and 1st Streets. Basil is abundant; basil pesto for dipping or pasta is another option (recipe here). If you make baked kale chips or another fun classroom food, please let us know via the google group!stock-photo-37491270-pesto-verde

About the School Garden Started in early 2014, the 372 Garden is a part of the school community as well as an official part of the classrooms and curriculums at both sites. Pre-K, K and 1st grade classes each have assigned beds that allow them to plant, raise and harvest produce each year. In the upper grades, students use the garden to conduct experiments and observations; social studies students will learn about The 3 Sisters Garden as part of their Native American study, and all the students have an opportunity to observe caterpillars grow from larva to butterflies, thanks to the native butterfly-friendly plants located on Denton Place. To learn more, visit the space, come to a Friday morning meeting in the garden at 830am, or read the blog entries on All PS 372 family members, teachers and staffers are welcome to join the committee or the online discussion at No green thumb required!