Notice What’s New On Denton Place? Rain Barrels!


The rain barrel installation was a success! Thanks to Julie Herzner, John Chester, Severn Clay-Youman and Sarah Collins, the Garden Committee’s new storm water harvest system is in place.Two rain barrels with filters, diverters and overflow piping are set up on stands Saturday to collect rain water runoff for garden irrigation, as part of the Nature Works Everywhere grant from The Nature Conservancy.

The plan is for the barrels to supply water to the pollinator-friendly plants along Denton Place– the butterfly garden— and we’ll continue to use the faucet water for the edible plants.  Check it out. It’s a vision of green engineering, and it will be incorporated into water conservation and other units in science as well as the green engineering enrichment session.

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IMG_3832   Click here to see what the kids worked on..