November 2022 General PTA Meeting Minutes


November 16, 2022

Attendees: 32

ROSA AMATO, Principal

We have been updating a lot of school policies, both detailed on, including: 

Cell Phone Policy Updates

Phones should be shut off and in backpack through the school day. Smart watches should be off during the day as well—no communicating with parents or friends. 

Homework Policy Updates 

Example: Instead of saying that “homework is not done” as policy,  frame as “homework is encouraged.” Homework shouldn’t be burdensome or something a child struggles with.

COVID-Related Absences: In September and October teachers didn’t have to put any work on the drive. But now, teachers will put work on Google Classrooms. NB: You will not be penalized for missed work if you’re sick. (Covid absences are excused; exposure absences are also excused)

Gatherings and the no-outside-food policy: Due to the number of allergies among students, outside food is not allowed in smaller gatherings, etc.  

RSAs for Related Services: Been extremely rough this year. Lacking speech teacher at Adelphi. Bridget Nash and Barbara Clark are available to help understand the RSA initiative — for kids who are not getting their special services mandate filled in the building.

FRANK AMMIRATA, Assistant Principal
Roots & Community is back in full effect! The details: 

  • Saturday, 11/19 5:30-8:00pm @ 512 Carroll Street
  • Enter through bussing doors on 1st Street
  • Adults must show proof of vaccination and ID
  • More volunteers needed starting at 4:15
  • Any parents with soundboard experience? 
  • About 15 tables, including one representing autism community

YVETTE AGAS-BAUTZ, Parent Coordinator

Middle School Applications: Deadline December 1st
Be sure to submit DOE application online (myschools). Yvette will be hosting meetings to guide parents on Tuesday 11/29 9am, virtually (if there are any parents with experience who would like to help out, please let Yvette know)

Lost and Found Rack: hoodies, jackets and more all looking for their homes. Yvette may alternate putting the rack outside the various grades’ entry doors giving everyone opportunities to look for their lost things. 

Thanksgiving Recess: Thursday, November 24, and Friday, November 25. 

Winterfest: Wednesday, December 21st. Stay tuned on Konstella for more info. Performances are likely to be 9am prek-2nd, 11am 3-5. Any volunteer available to help record/stream the performance? (Call will come from Mr. Doug.)

Thank-yous from PTA for Outdoor Movie Night, Bike to School, Pizza Friday, and Picture Day
•Retake day at Carroll Street is Dec. 16 and ONLY for kids who were absent

-New Gear is here!
-Please support the PTA and buy it!
-Black Friday deals coming next week!

More fundraising opportunities:

Foley Firs: Information to come

Annual Appeal: Starting soon, major fundraiser for school. Important to note for this: check with employer for matching program.

Gifts That Give Back: Links on Inclusions for retailers/vendors who give the school a cut with code


List of after-school orgs that pick up from 372? There’s a Konstella discussion group.