Plant Sale Part Deux

afterpartyThanks to everyone for pitching in and making the 2nd Annual Children’s School Plant Sale a success! What a wonderful way to start May!

And now…It’s a Plant Sale After Party! Check out the clearance sale in the garden on the corner of 1st and Denton Pl. Monday. We’re selling leftovers–tomatoes, zucchini, Swiss chard, jalapeno, eggplant, and some annuals (portuluca, marigolds, dusty miller)that we were able to water this weekend. About 10 of the gallon-container perennials (Sedum, Yarrow and Aster) are available along with some specialty vegetables such as Green Zebra or Mortgage Lifters tomatoes .

Discounted Prices While supplies last, all the small plants that went for $2 each/ 3 for $5 have been marked down to 4 for $5. Speciality vegetables= $4. each; Gallon pots are $16. each or 3 for $40. benchsaleSingle non-specialty tomatoes, zuc, flowers are $2 each. (Perennials are probably the best deals– they come every year and after a few you can divide them into two plants! Consider splitting a set with a friend or neighbor. Bags are inside the bench closest to 1st St.) Single non-specialty tomatoes, zuc, flowers are $2 each.

Shop from the flats in the garden on 1st Street on Monday morning after drop off. I can collect money from about 820am to 920am. After 920am, buyers will have to drop payment at the PTA office. If you are unsure of costs, please make your best guess and submit payment promptly. Later, you can photograph your items and mail them to to confirm that you paid the correct total. Note RE Orders Placed In Advance: If you weren’t able to pick up on Friday, send a note to and/or check the red wagon in the back corner of garden.Thanks again!  -Denise & the Garden Committee

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