PS 372 Afterschool Drop-In Policy and Procedures

If you plan to use the Afterschool Drop-In service, you must email Registrar Janine DiLorenzo at with the subject line “DROP-IN”.

The fee for Drop-In is $25 per child per day. You must have an annual afterschool registration form on file in order to use this service.

If you wish to request Drop-In service the same day, please email both Janine DiLorenzo and Beth Huff by 10am with the subject line “DROP-IN”. If you do not receive confirmation by 1pm, please call Janine or Beth at 718-624-7111.

Please be aware that if you have not contacted Janine and Beth in advance, once school gets out, your child will be brought to late pickup and you will be called to pick up your child immediately. If at that point you request the Afterschool Drop-In service, the Afterschool Dean will determine whether the student-to-staff ratio that day is adequate to safely accommodate your child. If it is not, you will need to pick up your child from the PS 372 school staff.

PS 372 Afterschool Late Policy and Procedures

The Afterschool day ends at 6pm sharp. Please pick up your child(ren)promptly as the building must close and the staff have other obligations to attend to. Please have a backup plan for pickup in case you are late. We ask that you call the Afterschool phone, 917-716-5649, to notify staff if you are running late and/or there has been a change with your child(ren)’s pickup plan. It is important that we be able to communicate the new plan to your child(ren).

Please note that the Afterschool late fee is $25 per child per incident.

If your child is picked up late 3 or more times, your child will be suspended from the Afterschool Program for 5 days.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please email the Afterschool Committee via Janine DiLorenzo or Beth Huff.