PTA meeting minutes of September 18, 2013

-PTA Co-Presidents, Lucia Burns and Denise Gottwald:  Introductions

Executive Board introductions

-Mr. Michael O’Neill: music teacher; UFT representative

-Ms. Sandi Gonzalez:

Dance teacher for all grades, and Arts Committee chair.  She is spearheading the Harvest Dances fundraiser, which will be on Friday November 15.  Miss Sandi needs volunteers to help on this event. The goal for the Harvest Dances is to raise funds for a new dance floor, which costs $20,000.  Folklore dance from around the world will be showcased.

Arts curriculum conference is Monday, Sept 23 at 8:30.

-Mr. Doug Dugan, Technology Coordinator, is calling tech-savvy parents. Needs volunteers to help with new website. Google apps set up.

-Reps from Con Edison located across the street from school.  Juliette Lewis, public affairs representative from Con Ed spoke about safety issues with school families and parking on sidewalk for drop off/pick up.

They are currently using their 3rd St gate more to avoid run-ins with children and parents, but this Con Ed location is the largest district yard in Brooklyn that services other boroughs and some of their trucks cannot navigate this entrance and must use the 1st St gate.  Parents Vicky Cernos-Kiely and Michael O’Loughlin are working on forming a safety committee to address these issues.

-Ms. Janine Di Lorenzo- AS registrar and AS enrichment co-coordinator.  Families can use as add-on as needed.  Will begin the enrichment program in mid Oct.  Hank, the former AS enrichment coordinator is no longer at the school.

-Principal Artie Mattia: Stressed importance of PTA meeting attendance.  Reiterated the importance of safety and the dangers of parking on sidewalks and double parking.  When a child was hit 3 years ago, the school asked for changes from Dept of Transportation and was turned down.  There are also commercial businesses in the area that need to be taken into consideration if there are street closures.

-Everyday Mathematics has been replaced by Go Math, which follows the Common Core Standards curricula better.

-Ms. Rosa Amato is the Special Ed Assistant Principal.  Ms. Cathy Sarno is the General Ed AP. They are located in room 101. They can be reached at and

-Ms. Rosa and Ms. Barbara Clark are overseeing IEP/ related services and testing.  Lisa Quinones, the former service coordinator, is no longer at the school. The DOE moved her to another school as they felt there were schools that were more in need.

-Related services begin on the first day of school. 4 ST, 4 OT, 3 PT at PS 372.  There are more providers this year than last.  Ms. Rosa is interviewing a speech therapist today to see if they’re a good fit.

-4th grade has new laptops. Library has iPads. lists the changes in technology.

-Library has been automated.  All children will receive library cards.

-There was a lighting project this summer. The new lights are controlled by a movement sensor and no longer contain PCBs.

-There is new flooring in 14 of the rooms.

-New school nurse: Ms. Jennifer Markey.  Ms. Ruth has retired. MAF (medical authorization form) needs to be filled out updated and signed in order for her to administer medication to your child.

-Expansion committee still working on expanding Children’s School to continue through middle school.

-There are new teacher evaluations. Teachers should be able to start their day at 8:20 in order to meet the demands of the new teacher evaluation.


-Lice Day:  Parents Vicki Cernos-Kiely  and Sophie Staub are heading this committee. Lice check is completed 3x/year. The cost per family is  $15 per year.  There is a need for volunteers. Volunteers will only escort children. There are professional ‘Lice Ladies” doing the actual lice check.

-Oct 5 is Brooklyn Boulders family climb fundraiser. They will offer discounted passes. Sheep Station will provide the food. We need volunteers to help! We are splitting the day pass proceeds with Brooklyn Boulders foundation. The pass you purchase can be used a different day.  Children as young as Pre K can climb also. It runs from 5pm to 9pm.

-School Book fair will be in October.  Children can put books on hold if they don’t have $ that day.

-Pizza Friday Volunteer Coordinator, Peter Itak.

Begins Fri after Columbus Day and ends the week before Memorial Day, split into two 14-week sessions.  Kids love this event. It is $65/session for one slice per week, and $115/session for 2 slices per week. Parents need to volunteer grades K -2 10:40- 12, grades 3-5 runs 12-1:30.

Please try to come 1-2x/year. It is a very important fundraiser for our school.  Sign-up forms will be distributed.  Fun, great experience for families.  A lot of parents actually take a day of vacation time to come and volunteer. The PTA will sponsor any child for pizza Friday upon request. Water is served as well.

-Parent coordinator will be sending out 5th grade transition to middle school soon.

-Class Parent Liaisons, Marianne Macias Itak and Rachel Aylward. Class parents are the conduit from teachers/parents and administration. Class parents will coordinate for fundraisers. The first one is the Winter Festival raffle baskets.  First meeting is on Oct 7 after drop off.  Sign up is on inclusions. It is a great way to get to know the teachers and parents. We are available to answer any questions. Email

-The Annual Appeal met the 50% mark last year. There are 3 specific drives to collect for annual appeal. The PTA asks for $100/per child per year.

-The gala/auction raised a lot of money last year and we hope to have it again.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 am