PTA Minutes October


STEVER QUESTER, Teacher in 2-2 & UFT representative started the meeting.

-Thanked PTA for being so supportive
-Talked about potential budget cuts for next year
` -UFT supports Occupy Wall Street – looking for restoration of the Millionaires tax to fund schools
-Talked about the new Chancellor Daniel Wolcott & how UFT feels he may be easier to work with than Klein.


-Talked about potential cuts for next year

-Mr. Artie has joined the Chancellors budget committee –hoping for
a better understanding of what the cuts will be. TCS has received
another “A” grade in the progress report and Mr. Artie
thinks we shouldn’t have to have another Quality Review since we
got such a high grade – it’s a waste of their resources and our resources.

-Middle School expansion. Still in process, very frustrating, waiting to
hear back from the DOE. Would have to locate in a different location,
waiting to hear back about all the details. Mr. Artie is hoping to have
an “Expansion Night”, which would include the themes of the school
and the plan. He will let everyone know as soon as her hears anything.

-New playground is still held up because of the lease negotiation. DOE and the Archdiocese have not signed a new contract. Also frustrating.
Both sides want the contract, but bureaucracy prevails.

ALISON BOWERS, President of the PTA

-Head lice check – found a dozen or so cases this year, scattered about the school. Encouraged parents to be diligent about checking kids at home. Official CDC policy says that children with eggs are allowed to go to school – but the PTA feels strongly that if your child has eggs he/she should go home. All children have to be checked by the nurse
before re-entering school.

-Inclusions Web Site – The site is desperate for content! We’d like to make our site a vital part of our school community. If you have any ideas for stories, links, resources etc, please contact Alison Bowers or Kelly Anderson for more details.

-Dues letter should go out sometime in the next week or so. Pizza
Friday collection was very successful this year – Almost 95% of
people who participated paid already, which puts the PTA in great
financial shape.

-Sandy Gonzales requested $3775 for arts funding because of cuts
in this years budget. Money will pay for:
Pre K Speak and Play
Kindergarten Opera
4th Grade Opera
2nd Grade Architecture program.
Board approved this, and PTA voted on this today and approved it.

-Question from member about “Donors Choose”. No need to go there
at the moment, but may do so in the future.

-There will be a new Capital Improvement committee chaired by Dan Hunter. Committee members will be in charge of soliciting requests from teachers, administrators & staff about possible capital improvements. Will also find contractors and will raise money for the improvements. Some examples: Mr. Michael would like curtains for the gym to be used for recitals etc. ($20,000) Also, getting rid of the cubicles in the cafeteria, replacing with real walls/offices.


-Roxanna is busy putting together the school directory. Should
be going home with kids in a few weeks.

-Progress reports go out this Tuesday, Oct 18.

-Picture day is Novemeber 10th at both sites. Pictures should go home
before the holidays. Will probably not need for this. Make up day is TBA, will be sometime in Dec. Will need parent volunteers for this.