Read-a-thon is Live!

The Read-a-thon is a fun school community event, which celebrates reading while empowering students to participate in fundraising for PS 372. All of the money raised will go directly to fund our school, 10% of which will go to support our school libraries at both of our school’s sites. The month long event will take place February 1st through February 28th.

Like most things this year, Covid-19 will make our annual Read-a-thon look a little different. Our goal is to make this event accessible to every member of our school community. This year’s Read-a-thon will be managed entirely online. Students participating in Ready, Set, Read! will record their minutes (outside of the classroom) every day in their virtual reading log. Books count! Reading on a Tablet counts! Magazines count! Comics count! Newspapers count! Homework reading counts! Students who are not reading independently should include the minutes they are read to by an adult (or other independent reader). We encourage students to begin setting up their online accounts today! To begin head here: Read-a-thon 2021.