SLT Meeting Minutes, Jan. 2021

Meeting called to order @ 7:00 pm, Jan. 6


Meeting conducted via Google Meet due to COVID-19

New Business

  • Committee Sign-up
    • Social-Emotional: Barbara, Elena, Megan, Liza, Michelle
    • Math & Science: Beth, Sumeet
    • Diversity: Aida, Cheri, Marina, Alexis
    • CEP: Matt, Alexis, Sumeet
      • Suggestion for Diversity Committee to join up with Equity Committee
  • How do we address Wednesday’s events at the Capitol in a way that meets the social-emotional needs of our students?
    • Kerry suggested we allow kids to lead the discussion; ask them what they know, questions they might have, emotions they want to express, etc.
  • Viewing of video “Roles & Responsibilities of School and District Leadership Team Members”
    • Video is quite long; stopped at 7:40pm (53m 49s mark)
    • Agreed to finish video on our own time and discuss at next meeting

Next meeting: Wednesday, 2/3/21 @ 6:45pm via Google Meet